<strong>DATRON </strong>neo


The Neo gives the user easy access to high-speed milling without the need to be an expert machinist.

The NEXT control enables the user to operate the machine like a Smartphone using the touch screen.

The Neo fits through a standard door and can be up and running within a day. The machine offers fast and precise machining with minimal setup, even work holding is fast with the vacuum holding system.

DATRON neo was specifically designed and purpose-built to give you an easy and affordable access to high-speed milling. This Plug-and-Play system features the new DATRON next software which gives you full control of 3-axis milling without requiring years of experience as a machinist. Ergonomic, frontal access to the work area allows for quick and safe setup of workpieces. With a Smartphone-like (touch screen) interface the command of fast and precise machining is literally at your fingertips. All of this and DATRON neo actually fits through a standard door!

Standard Features


  • Travel Traverse (X,Y) 500mm / 400mm, Gantry passage (Z) 175mm
  • Machining Spindle 2kW up to 40,000 RPM
  • Feed Machining speed up to 28 m/min
  • Tool Changer 24 tools, direct clamp
  • Weight 700 kg
Workflow 1
Workflow 1
Workflow 2
Workflow 2
Glass-like facing finish
Glass-like facing finish

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