<strong>DATRON </strong><span>MLC</span>ube


The MLCube offers large bed machining with a minimal footprint.

The machine provides the rigidity and accuracy for high tolerance applications, there are also optional linear scales for additional accuracy and repeatability.

The vacuum functionality and nesting feature allows the table to be used for multiple pieces without the need for complicated and costly workholding.

Standard Features

MLCube Specification

  • Travel (X Y Z) 1,520 mm x 1.150 mm x 245 mm;
  • Machining Spindle 2kW to 4kW high-frequency spindles with up to 60,000 RPM
  • Feed up to 22 m/min
  • Tool Changer up to 36 tools for direct clamp, up to 143 for HSK variants
  • Footprint 2.410 mm x 2.280 mm x 1.950 mm
  • Position feed up to 22 m/min
  • Weight approx. 2,500 kg
Machining Aluminum Molds
Machining Aluminum Molds
Vacuum clamping technology
Vacuum clamping technology
 MLCube Large Format Machining
MLCube Large Format Machining
ML Cube Milling Guitar
ML Cube Milling Guitar

Product Examples

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