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End Mill SC-Router (single flute) Ø 3mm – 1/8″ Shank

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These tools are available with various cutting lengths and shank diameters. The balanced single flute end mill – an exclusive DATRON product. Powerful, economical and patented.

  1. polished chip space
  2. polished flute
  3. counter-balanced cut
  4. flat end-mill
  • Extended spindle life
  • Excellent surfaces
  • Reduced machining cycles
  • Lower tool cost

Due the polished chip space and the polished flute in conjunction with a counter-balanced cut, our new-balanced single flute end mill allows even higher infeed and feed rates compared to standard single flute end mills.

Exclusive at DATRON: Due to the patented counterbalance cut in combination with the polished edge and chip space, even higher infeed and feed rates are possible. In addition, the best possible surfaces are achieved, thanks to the optimized frontal geometry.


D1 Diameter Cutting Edge


D2 Diameter Shaft


L1 Length Total


L2 Length Cutting Edge