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  • csm_cnc-milling-tools-single-flute-end-mill-polished-cutting-edge-datron_ce61788145-sq.png

DATRON Single Flute End Mill with Polished Cutting Edge

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These tools are available with various cutting lengths and shank diameters. The balanced single flute end mill – an exclusive DATRON product. Powerful, economical and patented.

  • Micrograin solid carbide end mill
  • with single flute and flat bottom
  • 30° upcut spiral
  • shank without clamping surface DIN 6535-HA

For this tool, optimised for plastic machining, in addition to the additional polish-grinding, the cutting geometry was also reworked, the cutting angles are now designed much sharper. Compared to universal single-flutes, this leads to a considerably more sharp cutting edge. With this, top-quality surface results can be realised on plastic contours.

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