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  • csm_cnc-milling-tools-double-flute-end-mill-datron_90b151462e-sq.jpg

DATRON Double Flute End Mill – 3 mm Shank

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DATRON double flute end mills are available in special models. With extra short cutting edge, toric cut, or stepped.

  • Micrograin solid carbide end mill
  • with double flute and flat bottom
  • 30° upcut spiral
  • shank without clamping surface DIN 6535-HA

DATRON’s double flute end mills are availabe in special versions: with extra short flutes, toric cut or stepped. These tools are especially suitable to produce a high surface quality. The symmetrical arrangement of the flutes and the resulting high concentricity, make these tools also suitable for the production of fits. In addition, coated micro tools with an extremely short flute for steel machining are also available.

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