• csm_cnc-milling-tools-ball-nose-end-mill-polished-one-flute-datron_05924f322d-sq.jpg
  • csm_cnc-milling-tools-ball-nose-end-mill-polished-one-flute-datron_05924f322d-sq.jpg

DATRON Ball Nose End Mill – polished – One Flute

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Especially designed for 3D machining, DATRON’s ball nose end mills are offered in several versions. In addition to one, two and four flute versions, exclusive polished variants as well as micro-versions are available, exclusive from DATRON.

  • Micrograin solid carbide end mill
  • with single flute and radius bottom
  • 30° upcut spiral
  • shank without clamping surface DIN 6535-HA
  • with polished cutting edge

Specially designed for 3D machining of transparent plastics. The extremely sharp cutting geometry with a polishing cut ensures highest-quality surface results, the cutting construction allows still higher material feed rates, which significantly shortens production times.

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