Pre Sales Support

Application and process development

Application and process development are a key element to understand the customers needs. We have a wide ranging customer base covering many applications which have helped us to identify the quintessential Datron customer.

The application for current and future products needs to be proven, we work with the customers to develop a representative sample part from their models. The programs can be optimised to the customers requirements, such as surface finish or cycle time constraints.

The workflow is also a major factor is deciding what the customer needs, for example if the parts are to be produced on mass then we look into all aspects of the manufacturing process, this can be from bed size, work holding, second ops, tooling and maybe specialist tooling to reduce cycle times.  

CNC Milling Machine For Electronic Products

Budget vs Performance is always a discussion that needs to take place. There are normally various options that can be discussed from machine type to spindles and work holding. In addition there are 3rd party finance options available to facilitate the purchase.

A site survey will be needed prior to completing the sale as we need to ensure that the machine will fit into the designated space and all the ancillary electrics and air supplies are suitable for installation.

In addition we also offer a familiarisation day prior to delivery to walk the engineers / operators through the machine basics so they get an understanding of the hardware and software.

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