Manufacturing is an A to Z of industries, we can give added benefit to most of them.

There is always a need for the conventional machines, but working alongside them we offer fast turn around of components without the need for expensive and time consuming fixtures.

Compact industrial machines save you valuable floor space. You can have two DATRONs or two spindles running in the same floor space as one traditional machining centre.

CNC Smart Milling Machine For Industrial Manufacturing

Why use a heavy system to make small intricate parts?

High speed machining produces an excellent, burr-free surface finish. By utilising Methylated Sprit (Ethanol), machined components come off the CNC dry, without the need for secondary machining.

The industry is being driven towards cost effectiveness in all areas, the machines are energy efficient and the swarf is not contaminated with coolant so can be easily and safely removed, and is worth more in scrap due to its cleanliness.

Need Help Choosing Your Datron?

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Case Study

“We purchased our first Datron M8 in 2002 and now 20 years on we have 8 machines running every single day, without doubt we would not be the company we are today without the equipment and support that Datron Technology supply us.

The quiet running along with the small footprint of the machines makes them ideal for our temperature-controlled production areas and the high accuracy with constant repeatability gives long standing customers the high-quality components they require.”

Steve Earl – Managing Director of Panel Graphic Limited

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