The electronics industry uses a wide variety of enclosures and front panels, most of which require machining and engraving.

The original Datron machines were designed with the requirements of this industry in mind, this has continued through to the current range.

Our capabilities encompass machining enclosures from solid material and performing HSM finishing operations on castings to produce the desired final product.

CNC Milling Machine For Electronic Products


There are a wide variety of products that have been made, from one off test pieces through to production parts.

Some of the companies using the machines for these applications produce mobile phones through to high end laptops.

The features below are optimised for this applications:

  • Easy work holding using vacuum
  • No coolant contamination, vital in an anti-static environment
  • Milling, drilling, threading and engraving in a single process
  • No deburring or secondary ops needed
  • The machines can be sited within the clean room environment

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Case Study

“We purchased Datron’s M8 Cube to increase our productivity over our existing M7. The larger working area has allowed us to process more parts in less time. The seamless transition in programming has meant no down time in productively and we can see the increases in cutting data in real time. The vast vacuum table of 1000 x 700 working area to process sheets on has opened up new and quicker ways to process parts and we now have the ability to fit three conventional vices, datum individual parts and process more parts in each cycle. All in all a great investment with lots of new intuitive features to aid the operator.”

Ken Waywell

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