High-Speed Machining

High-Speed Machining Is More Than 60,000 RPM Spindle-Speed

High Speed Machining (HSM) in milling terms has all the attributes of conventional milling BUT slow heavy cuts are replaced by faster feed rates, faster spindle speed and lighter cuts.

The benefits of HSM are not only the speed of the operation resulting in a marked reduction of part machining time but also the following:

  • Reduced fixturing as cuts exert lighter cutting forces, vacuum work holding used extensively.
  • Better burr-free surfaces, reduces the need for most secondary de-burring.
  • Low quantity lubrication, Industrial Methylated Spirit (IMS) can be used which evaporates leaving parts dry and free from swarf.

Aerospace Products

We have several customers providing parts for the aerospace industry.

The parts are made from one piece aluminium billet, some remove up to 90% of the material all of which is held down by vacuum tables, another area we specialise in.

Typical Machines: M8Cube, MLCube, M10Pro, MXCube

Need Help Choosing Your Datron?

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Case Study

We have been working now with DATRON for a number of years and they have helped support us move into a new market with an expansion of 5 M8 cubes, they are our preferred supplier of CNC graphics machines and we will look hopefully in the near future to add to this existing range to keep pace with our growing demand knowing our clients can be assured with quality and consistency in our Brass production.

Rosalyn French – Co-Founder

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